Hi Friends!! I'm Jaime and I am the founder of THE WILDBLOOMERY. Born and raised Alaskan and now currently loving life in Bend, Oregon with my husband Patrick and our three super awesome kiddos!

I'm totally essential oil obsessed but maybe you already gathered that as I created a shop for diffuser bracelets. :) I'm my very happiest when I'm hangin with the people I love, hiking, drinking coffee in the sunshine (give me ALL the vitamin D!), paddle boarding, floating the river, camping with my family, eating tacos and running off on last minute road trips!

I've been making jewelry for as long as I remember. Its always been a huge passion of mine! I originally started out making these diffuser bracelets for some essential oil loving friends and they took off like wildfire! If you can't tell by my designs I love ALL things boho! :) This shop is so exciting for me and I can honestly say every single time an order is placed I do a happy dance as I feel the love and support from you all! 

My bracelets are meant to be worn either individually or stacked together! I personally wear mine stacked every day with my favorite essential oils rubbed into the wood beads. (Hello, White Angelica, Frankincense and Stress Away to name a few!) I'm excited to get all your feedback and hear any ideas, critiques etc you have for me as I run on this new adventure(We just opened shop Jan 23rd of this year!) Definitely make sure to come hang with us on Instagram over at @thewildbloomery as that's where all my new designs and restocks are announced first!

Thank you everyone that is here supporting and cheering me on with this new adventure! You guys are the best and I appreciate you so much!

Cheers to spreading the love of essential oils a little bit further with these diffuser bracelets!









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